Rejoice! Some of the old games made by Omenaboksi for iOS are soon free to play on Android!

Download the games soon for free on Google Play store!

Toss the Bird HD!CHOMP! Birds are falling from the sky, and it is your job to save them from the hungry munsters! Tap, drag and toss the birds to their nests before the evil “munsters” eat them!

Toss the Bird! combines ridiculously addictive gameplay with a simple idea. Simply tap a bird to drag, and release to toss it to the nest! You can also joggle the birds with other birds. Use all your skills and instincts to save as many birds as possible. Are you the one to save them all?

A Tiny Horror Story

A Tiny Horror Story is an experimental endless runner/rpg/adventure/hidden object game hybrid. Run, run, run, collect hearts, buy upgrades and advance the story. Find out where you are, who you are, and why you are where you are.

Cauldron & Critters

All is quiet in your forest. As a hedgehog of particular tastes, you enjoy the simpler things in life: eating and sleeping. Not necessarily in this order.

Then, much to your shock and horror, a large group of critters enters your forest! Critters, if you did not know this, have absolutely no manners. 

Sleeping is no longer an option for you, and even food tastes like old socks.

After several nights of restlessness, you finally decide to get rid of these critters… Once and for all!

Time to fetch your berries, warm up your cauldron, and get them all out of your forest!

Cauldron & Critters: Destruction and mayhem in a cute package!

Bathroom popper

Experience the ultimate bubble tapping experience in Bathroom Popper HD! Endless gameplay in the hunt for the highest score. The game is filled with light-hearted humor and beautiful graphics with intuitive controls made for your phone.

This is the ultimate bubble popper!